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What does the future hold?

Several factors are driving market growth in the oncology therapeutics market.

Cancer is becoming increasingly important in society on both an individual and broader level. Around the globe, cancer incidence has been increasing steadily over the past half-century due to greater longevity, lifestyle and environmental influences, as well as improved diagnostics

Targeted Therapy

Target therapy is expected to show the highest growth due to its specifically toward cancer cells, while sparing the toxicity to off-target cells. This includes hormone therapies, gene expression modulators, apoptosis inducers, angiogenesis inhibitors, immunotherapies, signal transduction inhibitors, and toxin delivery molecules.


Advances in science and technology are likely to progress faster in oncology than in any other disease area. Panomics - a range of molecular biology technologies including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics - is driving the development of treatments and regimens, enabled by novel technologies, that can potentially lead to personalized therapy and a significantly higher cure rate for many cancers.


Immuno-oncology is the fastest growing segment within oncology and one that will likely continue to grow. Going forward, new techniques, new technologies such as 3D cell printing and Organoid generation and a better understanding of how to combine various treatments will drive progress in this segment. Stem cell therapy leveraged in combination with other procedures will drive personalised treatment of cancer.




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