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New tools for stem cell research

We have extensive expertise in stem cell research and preclinical model development. Our coworkers are active researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.



Research and development




We need research to understand and fight disease. But research is often limited by access to patients and diseased tissue. Disease models can help overcome these problems by allowing us to re-create and examine diseases in the lab.

Stem cells are a new source of cells that can be used as models for diseases which are otherwise difficult to explore. They have also made is possible to study organ development by creating miniaturised 3D versions of organs known as organoids. Organoids capture key multicellular, anatomical and even functional hallmarks of real organs at the micrometre to millimetre scale and have a wide range of applications in drug discovery and regenerative medicine.


Our approach

I. Consultation on Stem Cell Derivation Methods


II. Method Development for Specialized Cell Type Derivation


III. Planning and Design of Pre-clinical Research with stem cells


IV. Knockout and Transgenic Stem Cell Models


V. Planning and Design of Stem Cell Based 3D Organoid Culture


VI. Live Imaging (High-resolution) Strategies and Methods


VII. Cryopreservation Methods for Therapeutic Cellular Products


VIII. Tissue Remodeling / Regeneration



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