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Stem cell research /

Next generation transplants and treatments

We are developing reliable methods that may have promising results for the next generation of skin, cartilage, pancreas and bone marrow transplants.

Because there is still a lot to learn about stem cells, we are helping the world understand their potential and limitations at this point in time.


Research methods

Life-saving donors

New stem cell research addresses some of the challenges associated with finding treatments for auto-immune diseases.

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Genetic skin disease

Researchers are working to identify new ways to grow skin cells and improve treatments for patients with severe skin damage.

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Healing fragile bones

New stem cell research shows promising results for increasing bone mass and improving bone morphology and architecture.

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Repairing joints

New stem cell techniques offer several potential benefits for cartilage transplantations and regeneration.

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Safer chemicals

New research on stem cells promises to enhance toxicity tests, drug screening, drug discovery and development.

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Mimicking the brain

Advanced research into 3D organoids shows promising results for studying human disease and development.

Nerve cells ›› 

Life with diabetes

Establishment of embryonic stem cell derived pancreatic cells is under development, which could prevent immune-rejection.

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Stem cell education /

Intensive courses and hands-on training

We deliver continuous educational services in biology, anatomy, cell biology and preparative courses for educational programs in medicine.

Training and Educational Programs combine innovative thinking and insight into the latest advances in science, medicine and stem cell research.

Training & Education

Competence building

Preparatory courses

Educational Programs are designed to provide a unique, research-led experience which reflects contemporary developments in your chosen field.

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Hands-on training

Training Programs are developed with the aim to overcome challenges in your experimental procedures and advance your research.

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Stem cell testing /

Testing drug safety and potential

We develop preclinical models to determine the toxic effects of potential drugs and their metabolism.

Toxicity is one of the most common reasons for manufacturers to withdraw drugs. That is why we have to properly assess the safety and risks of potential drugs for humans.



Testing methods

Toxicity models

Determining how drugs are metabolised, if there are inhibitors or inducers of some enzymes of drug metabolism.

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Co-culture protocols

Co-cultures with hepatic cells and target cells separated by a microfluidic channel simulate toxicity effects on target cells.

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Stem cell storage /

Frozen cells for future use

We are constantly searching for new methods that allow for a broader and more effective medical application of existing cells for future treatments.

Our consulting services cover different aspects of stem cell cryopreservation, new freezing and storage methods, cryobiology and freezing kits.



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