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Innovative thinking



The latest advances in science and stem cell research

Attending one of the Training or Educational Programs offers you the chance to learn new skills, network with experienced researchers and come up with innovative ideas that can help you to fast track your career.







Educational Programs are designed to provide a unique, research-led experience giving you an opportunity to learn from international experts in an inspirational setting which prepares you for a career in medicine, academia or related industries.


I. Stem Cell Biology


II. Embryology


III. Stem Cell Disease Models


IV. 3D Organoid Models






Training Programs are developed with the aim to overcome challenges in your experimental procedures and advance your research. Our highly interactive training is current with the latest tools and protocols, designed specifically for your needs.


I. Stem Cell Isolation


II. Stem Cell Derivation


III. Somatic Cell Reprogramming


IV. 3D Organoid Culture Systems


V. Live Organoid Imaging


VI. Bone Remodelling



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