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We are developing a variety of robust and reliable methods that may have promising results for the next generation of skin, cartilage, pancreas and bone marrow transplants.

Stem cell transplantation is a general term that covers several different techniques. A stem cell transplant adds new cells back into the body, replacing the cells that have been destroyed and restoring the them with healthy ones.

Stem cells have tremendous promise to help us understand and treat a range of diseases, injuries and other health-related conditions. Their potential is evident in the use of blood stem cells to treat diseases of the blood, a therapy that has saved the lives of thousands of people around the globe. Important clinical trials involving stem cells are underway for many other conditions and researchers continue to explore new avenues using stem cells in medicine.

There is still a lot to learn about stem cells and their future application as treatments. This is why we are so dedicated to helping the world understand both the potential and the limitations of stem cells at this point in time.

Regenerative Medicine

  • Automation and ex-vivo expansion of umbilical cord hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells
  • Production and consolidation of stem cells eligible for clinical treatments
  • Development of specific methods for stem cell differentiation
  • Production of eligible clinical grade isogenic cells

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